Dad Would Love to Polka!

It's Dad's turn to polka. What a great way to celebrate Father's Day. And there are plenty of polka dances in Texas to choose from. If I were given one wish, I'd like to dance once more with my dad, Willie Cernoch. A passionate polka promoter, my dad loved to dance. He passed away in 2009 and any time I'm at a polka dance, I can't help but feel he's there with me--dancing to A Ja Sam, one of our favorites. So, this Sunday, grab your dad by the hand and dance the afternoon away at one of these great venues.

Ammansville: Church Picnic Charles & the Fabulous 4, Incredible Music Makers @ St. John the Baptist Boerne: Oma and Oompas, Boerne Village Band, Texas Lady Bugs Elgin: Czech and Then Some @ SPJST Lodge 18 Millheim: Annual Father’s Day BBQ Lazy Farmers @ Harmonic Hall New Taiton: Texas Legacy Czech Band @ Community Center Sweet Home: Original Sweet Home Boys @ Community Center West: Father Ed Karasek Celebration Red Ravens, Dujka Brothers @ KC Hall

Polka on Dad!