Polka News: Mollie B, Rybak Tours, Accordion Fest & More!

Polka On Mollie B: RFD-TV has announced the Mollie B Polka Party show will return for two more years. I sent Mollie a congratulatory email and she responded, “THANKS! We hope to be in Texas again!” Of course, Mollie and her husband, Ted, will be in New Braunfels the first weekend of Wurstfest with their Squeezebox band. Then they’re off to Branson to perform the Mollie B Christmas Special at RFD-TV Theatre, November 11-12. I know of two busloads from Texas heading to the show. Go to Europe with the Rybaks: Chris and Edita Rybak have set the dates for not one, but two European tours next year. The first is June 16-28, 2013 and includes visits to France (Paris & Normandy), Luxembourg, Germany (Rudesheim, Furth) & Czech Republic (Prague, Karlovy Vary & Frenstat). The second one is planned for September 2013 (no set dates yet) and will take you to Hungary (Budapest, Szentendre), Slovakia (Kosice, High Tatras, Strbske Pleso), Czech Republic (Roznov pod Radhostem, Lichnov, Frenstat, Karlovy Vary and Prague) and Germany (Nuremberg and Munich - Oktoberfest!) Learn more about the tours and how to sign up.

Squeezed Out?: If it’s October, it must be time for the International Accordion Festival in San Antonio, right? Not this year. The 12th annual homage to the accordion would have been held last weekend, but the festival ran into some financial troubles, mostly brought on by poor concession sales at last year’s rainy fest. No need to cry in your beer though. The festival board is moving the festival to September 13-15, 2013. Glad to hear it since they always include some of our favorite accordionists like Chris Rybak and Mark Halata. Read more.

Don't Forget Mikayla Wavra Benefit: Polka musicians are gathering Saturday, October 20 to provide music benefitting Mikayla Wavra, daughter of polka musician Duane Wavra. Mikayla is still recovering from an accident this summer and the dance, dinner and auction will help pay some of her medical bills. The benefit will be held at New Ulm Fireman’s Park beginning at 5 PM. Find out more about this special event.

Have You Ordered Your Ein Prosit CD Yet?: The hardest working man in polka, Alex Meixner, is always thinking. His latest brilliant idea was to record Stand and Sing Ein Prosit, an ep (a short CD with only 6 songs) with proceeds going to the Wurstfest Scholarship Trust. “I feel it’s very important to support the scholarship so more young people will have the opportunity to study and continue the traditions of German culture, music and language here in the U.S. Buy yours today for only $5 and support the promotion of polka and education at the same time!