Mollie B Picks Wes' Valentine

Congratulations to Wes Matus of Spring. Mollie B chose his poem as the winner of’s Mollie B My Texas Valentine contest. Wes receives 2 tickets to one day of the RFD-TV taping in Ennis, March 8-11, along with a Squeezebox CD and 2 Mollie B Polka Party towels. And of course, he won a Polka On! shirt just for entering.

Wes began playing trumpet in Seymour, Texas, in the 5th grade and all through his high school years as well.  He was not really exposed to polka music until he came to the Houston area in the mid 1960s.  Wes played with the City Polka Boys (now known as Texas Sound Check) for 20+ years, from 1970 till 1991.  He is retired from playing music now.  He started out playing trumpet and wrote all the music for two trumpet parts.  He taught himself lead guitar so they could play more country and western music as time went on.  Now he enjoys listening to polka/waltz music and dancing to it, too!

Here’s Wes’ winning entry. There is a real sweet lady named Mollie, She can really play and sing polkas by golly. She's known as Mollie B and also a fantastic Emcee, She introduces polka bands on RFD/TV. And before these lines I finish, I have to let you know she's coming to the town of Ennis. The next big Polka Party's in the Lone Star State, With Texas polka bands the event will be sooooooo great!!

Here are a few of the other entries. When it's polka time in Texas with Mollie B Ennis will be as jolly as can be. We will welcome her as our valentine as we dance with our mate in this wonderful State. Yea, Polkabeat and Texas! Earline Okruhlik, Richmond

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Mollie B coming to Texas is so sweet, So we can all have fun and shuffle our feet! Julie Matus, Spring

My dancing shoes are on
And I'm ready to take a spin.
Hurry to Texas, Mollie B,
I can't wait to polka again! Marlene Satterwhite, Humble

Waltzes are great; Polkas are, too! Dancing with you Is my favorite to-do! Gwen Petersen, Plantersville

Mollie B how sweet thee bee,
Where the bluebonnets bloom,
There is no gloom,
Texas is the best place to be! Janie Sitka, Sugar Land

Mollie B is pretty Mollie B is sweet Mollie B plays music And Texas will get a treat

Mollie B is talented Mollie B is kind Mollie B plays all the instruments The best you can find

Mollie B is gracious She is as happy as she can be Someone who likes to play the squeezebox Also likes to squeeze Mollie B Jane Kosel, Katy

Mollie B is charming Mollie B is sweet Mollie B plays great music Texas is in for a treat Harold Kosel, Katy

Mollie B She is for me Mollie B is really neat and she has that great Polka Beat! Margaret Migl, Houston

Oh, how I love that Mollie B. I have seen her on TV! What a show she puts on! She makes me want to dance on and on! Darlene Polly, Houston