Polka News: Polkabeat B-Day, RFD Schedule, April 15 Deadline

Happy Birthday Polkabeat! The premier polka website, polkabeat.com, is celebrating its third birthday. Thank you polka fans who have made the website and merchandise such a success. It's great to go to a dance and see all the Polka On! buttons, koozies, T-shirts and other gear. To celebrate, polkabeat fans can get 15% off your next purchase in the online Polka On! store. Stock up now in preparation for the National Polka Festival in Ennis at the end of May and for all the church picnics coming up this summer. That Bohemian Air Conditioner will come in handy at the picnics! The offer runs through April 30. All you have to do is fill up your cart and enter the Code: POLKAON when you check out. This includes 15% off CDs, DVDs and the 20 Polka Bands book/CD. Perfect timing for Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts. Learn more about polkabeat.com got its start. RFD Debuts Ennis Polka Party. Tune into the Mollie B Polka Party at 9 PM (central) on Saturday, April 13, to see the first show from the tapings done in Ennis in February. The first show features Czech and Then Some, Polka Nuts, Kenny Brandt, Pan Franek and Alpenfest. The show at 6 PM (central) on Wednesday features Das Ist Lustig, Texas Sound Czech Band, SqueezeBox, Benji’s Polka Pac and Jerry Haisler and the Melody 5. Check the schedule for future shows.

Vote for Your Favorites Deadline. April 15 is the deadline to send in your tax return, but more importantly it's the deadline for voting for your favorite polka albumns in the Pace Awards. Read more.