Fritz Hodde: 50 Years of Making Polka Music

6211048019_2acda0c620Congratulations to Fritz Hodde on 50 years in the polka music biz! Fritz and the band, the Fabulous 6, will celebrate by having, what else, a polka party! The free event is set for Saturday, September 14, from 1 to 7 p.m. at the SPJST 18 in Elgin. To help Fritz commemorate this special anniversary, polkabeat asked polka musicians to send their congrats.

Dear Polkabeat: We really want to say a “Big Thank You” for all you did to promote Fritz Hodde and The Fabulous Six's "50th celebration."

Also, thank you very much for all the other promotions that you do for the band. Sometimes we forget to say thank you and we want you to know that we are grateful.

A big thank you for reaching out to polka musicians to comment on Fritz Hodde and The Fabulous Six's 50th anniversary. I copied some of those e-mails and placed them in a memories book on the band table Saturday night. Hope you don't mind. I saw quite a few people looking at them.

This was a special day for Fritz Hodde & The Fabulous Six. A day we'll never forget. A great big thank you to our fans, friends and family for helping us make this day a huge success. Many memories to be thankful for. -- Fritz Hodde

Musician Well Wishes Congrats Fritz on 50 years of music. In these years your music has obviously entertained thousands through live performances, radio and recordings but my highest respect is seeing you handing down that family tradition of Czech music in Texas to your son and grandson. That is a legacy that will hopefully continue for more generations and be such a wonderful contribution to the culture we all know and love. Prost, zivili, nazdravje, cheers on this important milestone. Alex Meixner

We would like to wish our good friends Fritz Hodde and the Fabulous Six congratulations on 50 years of great music! Keep up the great music! Brian Klekar and the Czechaholics

Congratulations on 50 great years of music, and thank you all you have done for the Czech Culture and heritage. Trey Sylvester and the Ennis Czech Boys

Congratulations Fritz and all the members of the band on your 50 years of entertaining! Vrazels’ Polka Band always looked forward to and enjoyed playing alongside with you at the many performances that we worked together over the many years. Your band always was and still is very popular on our radio show on KMIL Cameron every Sunday. We wish you many more years in the entertainment business. Alfred Vrazel

Congratulations on making great music in the fantastic world of polka for 50 years! And thank you for your devotion to the cause. We all appreciate your efforts and contributions and look forward to the next 50! Polkatively, Carl Finch and Brave Combo

I have fond memories of the Fabulous Six going way back to the '60s when I first started playing music. We often crossed paths as our bands played in the same venues (Granger, Holland, Seaton, Taylor). I was struck that this was a “family” band like ours and that Fritz and his father both played. I greatly enjoyed and admired Fritz’s talent on trumpet and accordion. We sometimes played “battle dances” and it was always an honor to have the “jam” session with both bands! Over the years, as the band changed, I enjoyed many talented musicians that played with the Fabulous Six. Then as the family influence increased with Fritz and Scott (and Dianne) playing together and now Brandon, it only got better! Fritz was always kind to me (even as a kid starting out) and it was always a nice conversation about how the music was going at the various halls, the different bands and musicians who were around, and the different events that were taking place in Central Texas. The Fabulous Six (Fritz or Scott) always acknowledged us if we were in the crowd at a dance and I was often invited up to play a number or two with the band, which I always enjoyed and appreciated. Lots of fun times and enjoyment brought to many by the Fabulous Six. I congratulate the Fabulous Six on this notable benchmark of 50 years and wish the very best in the future. Jerry Haisler and the Melody 5

Congratulations, Fritz! I remember back in the '70s watching you play accordion and trumpet at the same time down at Bill Mraz Hall. It was amazing and inspiring! Mike Gest, Texas Legacy Czech Band and Moonglow Orchestra

Congratulations Fritz! Keep the great music flowing and looking forward to jam with y'all again soon! Chris Rybak