Alex Meixner's Top 10 Perfect Polka Moments at Tomball Festival

Hurricane Alex arrived in Tomball on March 30. There were no casualties, but the city was hit head on by a polka party like no other. Alex Meixner left quite an impression on festival goers and as it turns out they left quite an impression on Alex. Here are his Top 10 Perfect Polka Moments at the 12th Annual Tomball German Heritage Festival. [caption id="attachment_90" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Theresa Parker presents Alex with the official Polka On! t-shirt from Photo by Mark Hiebert/"]

10. Having the opportunity to come to the fine town of Tomball and experience the great hospitality.

9. Seeing friends from New York and Florida from high school and college now living in the Houston area... everyone wants to be in Texas.

8. Theresa Parker presenting the Polka On T-shirt on stage.

7. Seeing the Deer Park High School German folk dance groups performing during the breaks.

6. Finding out that Tom Jones (our sax player) is Boots Randolf reincarnated.

5. Getting a whole crowd of people screaming "Polka is HOT in Texas!"

4. Being joined on stage by the premier heavy metal group The TubaMeisters.

3. Going through 5 cases of Gatorade in one night because we were sweating so much.

2, Having the best MC of all time in Valina Polka.

AND NUMBER 1: Getting to "Polka On" with the awesome people of the great state of Texas!

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