Polka News: Mollie B Loves Texas, Larry the Cable Guy Loves Polka, Gene Loves His Work and Bob Loves Fruitcake

Mollie B Loves Texas: Mollie B and the Squeezebox Band are touring Texas in January. They start at the KJT Hall in Ennis on Wednesday, Jan. 16 then head south to Mission for a dance on Thursday, Jan. 17 at Riverside Club and Friday, Jan. 18 at Mission Bell Resort. On Saturday, Jan. 19, they'll be at Sts. Cyril & Methodius Rec Center in Granger and wrap up the tour at SPJST Lodge 88 in Houston on Sunday, Jan. 20. Check their schedule page for details. Larry the Cable Guy Loves Polka: Chris Rybak and his band were asked to play for a special party hosted by Larry the Cable Guy. Can't say what it was for until next March. Sigh! Chris and Edita said Larry was a lot of fun and would like for them to join him for a party in Tennessee soon. I, of course, being THE polka reporter for Texas, will need to accompany the Rybaks to cover the story! Check out Chris' Facebook page for more photos.

Gene Loves His Work: Gene Hackemack at the Tomball German Christmas Market asks, "You mean I also get paid for this?" See more photos and videos from the market, which saw record crowds last weekend.

Bob Loves Fruitcake: Bob Suttie and the Texas Legacy Czech Band is playing for the annual Christmas party at the Taiton Community Center. Besides lots of great music and dancing, there will be chicken noodle soup, by Freddy Vacek and a large dessert table on which almost everyone who comes brings a dessert. Bob will once again bring some fruitcake. He thought he was the last person on earth who likes fruitcake and thought he'd probably get to bring most of it home from past parties. WRONG! "There are other people on earth who laugh at fruitcake jokes, but still secretly like it," Bob said. "I've never brought ANY FRUITCAKE HOME from the Taiton Christmas party. So, for all you (secret) fruitcake lovers, I'll bring fruitcake again this year." You're a wild man Bob!