Fritz Hodde & The Fabulous 6

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Fritz Hodde 50 Years CD.jpg

Fritz Hodde & The Fabulous 6

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Holding Things Together

Young Widow Polka

What Can Happen Waltz

Cradle Polka

Don’t Come Crying

Red & White Waltz

We’re Through Polka

Olive Tree Waltz

Storms Never Last

Juarez Polka

Teardrop Waltz

Together Again

Quiero Que Sepas (I Want You to Know)

Green Meadow Waltz

Bang Bang Polka

Keys in the Mailbox

On the Hillside Waltz

Black Gypsy Polka

Holding Things Together

At the Dance Waltz


40 Years of Family, Friends & Fun

Jilted Heart Polka

I'll Be All Smiles Tonight Waltz

You Are Like a Rose Polka

Beautiful Dark Eyes Waltz

Sweet Nearness of You

Clock on the Steeple Polka

Austin Waltz

Festive Polka

Cottage Under the Mountain Waltz

Have I Told You Lately

El Golpe Traidor

Hastrman Waltz

Clover by the Water Polka

Blue House Painted White

Beautiful Shepardess Waltz

Violet & Rose Waltz

Sing Me Back Home

Three Yanks Polka



Fritz Hodde's 50-Year Journey with The Fabulous Six

1. Who's Gonna Love You Polka

2. Marie's Waltz

3. Grinders Polka

4. Send Me the Pillow

5. Flying Martin Waltz

6. Wheelbarrow Polka

7. Katherine's Waltz

8. How I Got to Memphis

9. Cotton Patch Polka

10. Deer Waltz

11. You're My Best Friend

12. When When Polka

13. Path Through the Woods Waltz

14. Luvin' Polka Music

15. I Told a Lie to My Heart